Child Abuse and Child Labour

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Child labour and child abuse. An article by detective Pelekasis Nikos in the newspaper espresso.

Beginning in the 18th century, slavery was abolished, not once but many times around the world by Robespierre in France in 1794, by President Lincoln in the USA in 1865, in Paris in 1948, etc.

Exactly 66 years after the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights , according to which <<no one shall be allowed to live in total or partial slavery>> , modern slaves, amount to tens of millions worldwide.

In fact, on the occasion of the World Day for the Eradication of Slavery, shocking facts have come to light.

The United Nations estimates that 21 million minors are currently living in forced labour conditions.
The Walk Free Foundation puts the number at 36 million.
and the International Labour Organisation (CILO) puts it at 22 million , while other sources put it at close to 27 million .
The vast majority of modern slaves are mainly women and children.

We are now talking about modern child slavery, in which children, around the age of
5 – 17 years old and below according to Unicef, work under precarious working conditions , such as in toy factories , where they manufacture part of toys , without observing the prescribed safety and hygiene conditions . These children are subjected to a silent form of abuse and loss of their childhood. As we see or hear in the media some of them may not make it to puberty , as they work in quite difficult working conditions .

Unfortunately , in 2016, there are young children, victims of slavery and more..
We do not fail to mention cases of countries that are facing the most severe problem worldwide , such as India , China , Pakistan , Mauritania , etc.
In these countries and elsewhere, unfortunately, these children are working in forced labour conditions , in construction sites , in fields , on ships without having freedom of movement and decision for their future.

Child labour and child abuse. An article by detective Pelekasis Nikos in the newspaper espresso.

The cases of children working as domestic helpers living as prisoners, the so-called “invisible” children, are typical.

In extreme cases these are children involved in online sex and child prostitution rings.

Little girls who are sold against their will to third-country nymphoshops, to future husbands – often much older – as an asset, surpassing any sense of morality and ethics.

Children , because of the weakness of their bodies, are often victims of violence by older people who lewdly abuse or harass them in any way. Much more than being victimised because of their physical constitution, children are exploited because they are still at an age when they have not clearly defined their rights and the limits they ought to set for others.

Fortunately, there are far fewer cases of child labour, prostitution and exploitation of minors in Greece compared to other countries in the world where this phenomenon is common and even considered perfectly normal.

Although we know the declarations on the rights of the child,
from time to time, we never cease to witness what unpleasant things are done against them around the world.

Through education and information, we may be able, day by day , year by year, to find a way to protect the child , who is waiting for us adults to take him or her in our arms and see him or her grow up in the best possible conditions in a world that does not oppress him or her and does not deprive him or her of his or her future. In a civilized world !!!

Child labour and child abuse. An article by detective Pelekasis Nikos in the newspaper espresso.