Collection of Evidence

Collection of Evidence

Gathering evidence

Gathering evidence: our firm can, through its many years of experience and a network of specialized partners, gather evidence for judicial use. The evidence requested for collection varies from case to case. The collection of evidence is also related to electronic means, such as the recovery of deleted data from mobile phones, security cameras, computers and other electronic devices. Also evidence gathering may also touch on the intersection of hacking, we have the ability to check any kind of electronic device that runs software and detect any breaches of it. Another area is the collection and identification of genetic material (dna). We also carry out expert examinations for all kinds of offences.

Our office with more than 30 years of experience in the field of private investigations, undertakes to handle cases related to offences against your personal or private life and freedom. These include: dealing with family and personal cases, solving crimes such as rape, murder, kidnapping, etc. Our qualified staff will undertake the investigation in the utmost confidentiality, safety and immediacy.

We know the private investigation sector very well and we have complete confidence in it. Our goal is to safeguard the interests and protect the citizens. We take every case with full seriousness and always achieve the desired results.

Gathering evidence for court use is one of our specialties.

Trust our private investigation agencies to manage your case. We know the private investigations industry in Greece better than anyone else. We invest in the continuous training of our associates and attend seminars in Greece and abroad. Our guiding principles are confidentiality, security, immediacy and the protection of our clients’ sensitive data.

Our office undertakes professional and personal cases, with success in each case. In fact, many of them have seen the light of day in newspapers and television (category publications in the press). In the 30 years of operation of the office, 3 branches of our office have been established in Athens and the province. This gives us the opportunity to take on cases nationwide. Detective Pelekasis Nikos has served in the Greek Police and the Secret Services of Greece. Our office is highly specialized in electronic tracking systems, counter-surveillance, electronic security and surveillance systems, such as microcameras, gps, audio recorders and others.

Our office cooperates with experienced lawyers for all types of legal and non-legal offences.