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Nikos Pelekasis and Associates | Private Investigation Offices in Athens and Piraeus

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Nikos Pelekasis and Associates, a private investigation agency in Athens, has been operating successfully since 1980 until today. Our staff consists of highly trained professionals who remain constantly up-to-date on both new technological developments and the latest counter-monitoring practices. Through regular seminars and trainings both in Greece and abroad, we constantly strive to improve the level and efficiency of our services.

Private Investigations - Detective Services in Athens, Piraeus and Greece

Our network of partners is expanding in all corners of our country, ensuring a high success rate in every job we undertake. Consequently, we have the ability to cover cases in Athens, Piraeus and nationwide, with guaranteed results. With our basic principles of confidentiality, safety and immediacy, our office provides our clients with high quality detective services.

The secret of our success is none other than our past experience and our modern technological equipment. Our professionalism and the way we approach every case we undertake ensures immediate and successful results for you.

The Athens and Piraeus detective agency of Nikos Pelekasis specializes in electronic tracking systems, electronic security, counter-surveillance and surveillance systems, such as audio recorders, microcameras, gps, etc.

Detective Agency Piraeus

Athens Detective Agency

A few words about us

Athens Detective Nikos Pelekasis has served a successful tenure in the Greek Police and the Secret Services of Greece. His well-established background and the knowledge he acquired while serving in these services, have been a help in establishing one of the leading private investigation agencies in Greece, which has been operating since 1980 with a huge success rate. With a strong emphasis on reliability, you can trust the services of our firm without any hesitation.

What sets us apart from other agencies, apart from our years of experience, is of course our knowledge of private investigations to a degree that no one else has. Most importantly, we do NOT make mistakes. Our staff is in constant communication with you in order to provide you with timely and accurate information that you are interested in.

Our past experience and modern technology is the key to success in every case we take on.

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Mobile and Social Media

Collection & Identification of Biological Material (DNA)

Detective terminology is used only for the purpose of being understood by the general public. Under legislation the terminologies that are permissible for a detective agency are: Bureau of Confidential Investigations, Bureau of Private Investigations, etc.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Tinder...

Social media or more commonly known as Social Media, occupies an important place in the daily lives of most people nowadays. This shift towards social media, in addition to the plethora of advantages they offer, is accompanied by a large number of negative behaviors. There have been many instances where social networks have been a means of bullying, blackmail, sexual harassment and the recruitment of minors by pedophiles and kidnappers.

Hiding behind the safety of a computer, many people want to take out aggressive behaviors, immoralities and adventurism in order to reap both psychological and financial benefits. While always maintaining a "relative" anonymity that the internet provides.

The Athens - Piraeus detective Nikos Pelekasis and his network of associates, undertakes to successfully handle a multitude of cases, such as the aforementioned, having as a basic principle the prevention of the phenomenon and not its suppression. We are in close cooperation with the services of the Greek Police and with experienced technicians - programmers, so that we are able to carry out every case we undertake, without any margin for mistake.

Detective Piraeus Pelekasis Nikos and Associates

The Athens Detective Agency remains constantly up to date with new technological developments, having some of the most modern equipment in Greece. Through our state-of-the-art equipment, we have the ability to identify sources of malicious or nuisance calls. Always with discretion and efficiency.

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The office is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery.

Confidentiality in our work is the be-all and end-all

We are totally efficient and fully cover every case

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