Finding debtors

Finding debtors

The Detective Agency Pelekasis Nikos and Associates undertakes the search for debtors directly and efficiently.

Debts from private agreements, loans and online advertisements have increased considerably in recent times. The debtors are initially presented as persons of trust and often they are from the wider social circle.

Once they have obtained the amount of money they want, they usually disappear and do not maintain any contact with the “victim”. In other cases they communicate by telephone, pretending that they will pay the amount in a short time.

We have the ability as an agency to proceed with finding debtors through the appropriate network of partners and the many years of experience we have in the field of private investigations. In case there is a private agreement between debtor and creditor, the assistance of a lawyer experienced in financial offences is necessary.

Nikos Pelekasis Private Investigations has been operating for more than thirty years, since 1980.

Our highly trained staff, as well as our network of experienced partners, is constantly updated on new technological developments through seminars in Greece and abroad. In this way we manage to provide our customers with a high level of service. Our goal and main focus is confidentiality, security and immediacy.

Debtor tracing : Our office takes on business and personal cases , with corresponding success in each case. In fact, many of them have seen the light of day in newspapers and on television (category publications in the press). In the 30 years of operation of the office, 3 branches of our office have been established in Athens and the province. This gives us the opportunity to take on cases nationwide. Detective Pelekasis Nikos has served in the Greek Police and the Secret Services of Greece. Our office is highly specialized in electronic tracking systems, counter-surveillance, electronic security and surveillance systems, such as microcameras, gps, audio recorders and others.

We know the private investigation business like no one else. We are always careful not to put anyone at risk. Our past experience and modern technology is the key to every case we take on.
Finding debtors – Private Investigations Agency Pelekasis N. and Associates