Family Problems

οικογενειακά προβλήματα

The Detective Agency Pelekasis Nikos and Associates undertakes all cases concerning family problems.

The issues that may be of concern to a family are of great importance and need to be dealt with quickly. Marital infidelity. Problems with minor children including delinquency, substance abuse or even the reckless use of electronics and smart devices. In addition to the above, the causes of anti-social and aggressive behaviour are also checked.

The range of family problems also includes a variety of hereditary issues. Our office undertakes the successful handling of these, as well as the tracing of lost relatives, etc.

The private investigation agency gives an immediate and effective solution to the family problems that plague your family relationships. All cases are handled under complete confidentiality, thus ensuring that the process is not made known to other family members, which could result in a rift between family members.

Having been in the field of private investigations for more than thirty years we guarantee the provision of quality services. As well as the immediate and complete coverage of our clients’ requirements.
Our goal is excellence and the complete success of your case. Our many years of experience and our extensive and specialized network of partners ensure the quality of our services. We specialize in family problems and deal with them with the utmost care, respect and confidentiality.

Recently, our company received certification in the field of private investigations and was distinguished as a company of high reliability. This is a certification by an independent third party through a review of reviews from clients who expressed online their satisfaction with the detective services provided by our private investigation agencies and the successful outcome of those services.

Our specialized staff, as well as our experienced and renowned partners in the field of investigation, are constantly updated on technological developments through seminars in Greece and abroad. In this way we provide our customers with excellent services.