Detective Prices

How much do detective services cost?

The cost of a private or professional investigation is not always fixed. Prices for private investigation agencies are determined by multiple factors and criteria which vary from case to case. Below we list some of them by way of example:

Ντετέκτιβ τιμές - Κόστος ιδιωτικών ερευνών

Detective Prices for conducting private investigations

Our office can undertake the installation of a mobile phone monitoring program. A prerequisite is to take the device in your hands for at least 3 minutes. With the mobile phone monitoring program you get full control of the device : messages, call recording, pictures, viber, messenger, whatsapp, web history etc. The program and the data you receive are managed by you personally with passwords that you set. The data is displayed through a very detailed panel which does not require specialized computer knowledge. At this point it is worth noting that the monitoring programs used by the detective agency are not detectable by the user and also by anti-virus systems.

The prices for telephone surveillance are determined by the following factors

Detective values for recovering deleted data are set by

The detective agency can provide you with an expert report which can be presented to any public or non-public authority as evidence. The private detectives of our office being licensed by the Ministry of Public Order can legally appear before the judicial authorities for such cases as witnesses and for the analysis of the data given to you.

Detective Prices

In cases involving electronic media, social media and recovery of deleted data our office is able to provide expert report for:

In cases of control of your space :

(office, home, car etc.) The detective agency can also give you a report on corresponding findings such as hidden gps surveillance or hidden audio recorder etc. illegally placed in your vehicle or home. During the inspection we look for: hidden cameras, wiretaps, audio recorders, gps, landline phone monitoring systems, and any surveillance device whether or not it is transmitting a signal. The equipment we use is state of the art and detects all the analog frequencies that the surveillance devices operate on.

Ντετέκτιβ Αθήνα

The detective values for a similar test are determined respectively by:

The private investigation agency has the ability to find and analyze financial data concerning businesses and individuals. Finding addresses, phone numbers, financial data, balance sheets, shareholders in companies, contact phones, etc. (always from open sources*).

The cost of these services is proportional:

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The detective agency Nikos Pelekasis and Associates has been successfully operating in the field of investigations since 1980 to date. Our highly trained staff ,and network of associates, remains constantly up to date with new technological developments. We constantly attend seminars in Greece and abroad and are in constant and daily friction with the field of private investigations. In this way we manage to provide our clients with a high level of service with guaranteed results for each case we undertake.

The basic principles of our office are absolute confidentiality, security and directness with our clients. Many of the professional and private cases we have handled have seen the light of day in newspapers and on television (category publications in the press). In the 30+ years of operation of the office, 3 branches of our office have been established in Athens, Piraeus and the province. This gives us the opportunity to operate nationwide.

Detective Pelekasis Nikos has served in the Greek Police and the Secret Services of Greece. Our office specializes in electronic tracking systems, personal surveillance, counter-surveillance, electronic security and surveillance systems such as microcameras, hidden gps, hidden audio recorders and more.

Why choose our office?

Sometimes it’s quite tempting to choose the lowest detective rates you can find. However, choosing a less experienced private investigator who promises you very low prices can take twice or even three times as long to complete your case and with unquestionable results. This will automatically drive up the cost of his services. Additionally, a less experienced investigator may not provide you with high quality services or useful evidence for a court case.

The private investigation firm Pelekasis Nikos and Associates remains constantly up to date on technological developments.

Having a state-of-the-art equipment and a network of associates that extends to Athens, Piraeus and the rest of Greece, it manages to carry out even the most demanding cases with a huge success rate.

And in the shortest possible time. This is what makes our office stand out from the rest.    more about detectives

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