Mobile phone monitoring

Mobile phone monitoring

Mobile phone monitoring with a program.

The private investigation office Pelekasis Nikos and Associates has the ability to install a mobile phone monitoring program and computer monitoring program. A prerequisite is to have in our possession for 3 minutes the mobile phone or computer we are interested in monitoring. As an agency we can send a partner to your place so that the process can be done in the minimum possible time.

Compatible devices for mobile monitoring with program.

The mobile monitoring software is installed on android, ios and windows devices. In cases where you have access to the device but for whatever reason you do not have the time to bring it to our office, we do the process remotely through teamviewer and similar programs.

Inability to install. When does exist?

Installation inability exists only on old devices. Phones not running android, ios or windows software are much harder to monitor, as there is no way to transfer the data recorded on the device to a server. Other devices, i.e. Smartphones are fully compatible with mobile monitoring software. Only in specific cases concerning iphones it is necessary to perform a jailbreak procedure on the mobile phone (without this being a law). If the above procedure is not done on such devices it may restrict access to internet based applications like viber, whatsapp etc.

Mobile monitoring with a program. The provided functions.

Our mobile monitoring software offers 100% control over the device’s applications. The access we have to it allows us to receive all the information that exists and will exist in the future as well as those that existed before (except deleted) in it. More specifically, a panel appears, which we control from a mobile or computer respectively , with the following indications – icons:

  • Calls. Here is a nominal recording of incoming – outgoing and missed calls. We get information about the time, date, duration and the number called or called.
  • Call recording. we can listen to the content of the above calls.
  • Contacts. Here we have all the stored contacts of the device as well as the name under which they have been stored.
  • Messages. In this category we can keep track of incoming – outgoing messages as well as the sender – recipient number.
  • Photos. Here are all the photos taken from our mobile phone (and those deleted).
  • Tracking. In localization we have seen the location of the mobile in live streaming as well as recording of the location history.
  • Live. In this service there is the possibility to turn on the mobile’s speaker and use it as a bug of sound monitoring of the site. We are also given the option to open the camera to visually monitor the space where the device is located.
  • Web history. The web pages visited by the phone device.
  • Email. The emails it sends and receives, with content and email address of sender – recipient.
  • Whatsapp. Calls, messages, call recording with sender number.
  • Facebook. Search history and activity record.
  • Messenger. Detailed messages with sender – recipient. Content of conversations, audio messages, etc.
  • Viber. Log of calls, memories, photos, with name and number of recipient.
  • Instagram. Messages with sender and recipient as well as their content, history of searches, friends and activity record.
  • Snapchat. Messages, photos, chat content.
  • Skype. Incoming outgoing call recording, messages, photos, audio, etc.
  • Signal. Incoming and outgoing call recording, messages, photos, contact list.


Mobile phone monitoring


In mobile monitoring, as long as the phone has internet, it receives the data in real time, with a maximum delay of one minute. In case the mobile does not have internet access the data is sent at the moment the mobile activates the wifi connection or the mobile data etc. That is, the information , while the device is offline, is not lost but is sent to us with a time delay.

Viewing the program data does not need any special knowledge of English or computers. In consultation with a technician of our office we indicate the use and functions of the program. The passwords for the viewing platform as well as its contents are exclusively for your use. The detective agency after the installation does not have access to the software for mobile monitoring and the use is exclusively by you.

The mobile phone tracking software used by the detective bureau is made by our bureau’s expert developers. We do not install ready-made programs that are available on the internet as we face serious operational problems. Besides they make the mobile slower and more difficult to use. These problems can lead the user to purge the mobile or buy a new device, resulting in the mobile monitoring program being deleted or lost. In many cases, ready-made programs are recognized by the device’s pre-installed antivirus and are immediately removed by the user. In other cases they stop working after the device’s software is upgraded. The software created by our agency is not affected by such factors as it does not weigh down the phone device at all and is not recognized by mobile security systems.

Mobile phone monitoring : How long is the subscription?

The least duration of a mobile tracking software is one month. The longer duration lies in the choice of the customers and their individual needs. Upon consultation with the detective agency the subscription is monthly, six months and annual respectively.

Duration of preparation.

When you decide to install the software for mobile phone monitoring we should have taken notice 24 hours before installing it. We need to know the brand of the mobile phone and if possible the model, to set the parameters for the monitoring program accordingly to suit your needs. As we mentioned the installation time is less than 5 minutes and you do not need, if not possible, to be physically present.

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The basic principles of the private investigations office are confidentiality, efficiency and directness in relation to our clients. Several of the professional and private cases that we have handled from time to time have seen the spotlight in the newspapers and on television (category publications in the press). In the more than 30 years of operation, we have established 3 branches in Athens, Piraeus and the province. In this way we are given the opportunity to provide our services throughout Greece.

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