Security Escort

Security Escort Security Detective Pelekasis Nikos and Associates.

Our office specializes in providing escort services to high-risk individuals. We ensure the physical integrity of the individual through a team of trained personnel and bulletproof vehicles. The protection plan for the safety of each individual varies according to the needs and the risk of the individual. We have a fleet of escort machines as well as bulletproof escort vehicles. Our company ensures not only the physical integrity of the person but also to the extent of physical or non-physical counter surveillance. We carry out risk assessment, route plan and other corresponding actions to prevent the integrity of the escort. Security escorting requires specialized knowledge in the field and cannot be performed effectively by an untrained individual.

Our qualified personnel will conduct the case under conditions of absolute confidentiality, safety and impartiality. From dealing with family and personal cases to handling serious crimes such as rape, murder, kidnapping, etc. our experienced associates will provide you with the right service.
Pelekasis Nikos has specialized as an electronics engineer in Special Communication Systems. He served in the Greek Police, Security Services, the Criminal Investigation Department and the National Intelligence Service. Since his retirement until today he has devoted himself entirely to private investigations.

Security Escort – Detective Pelekasis Nikos and Associates.