Marital Disloyalty Detective

Συζυγική Απιστία

Detective Marital Disloyalty

The Private Investigations Bureau handles all cases involving marital disloyalty in case you are in doubt about your partner. We carry out premarital screening by analyzing the profile of the requested person in present as well as past tense. The phenomena of marital infidelity or infidelity between partners have always existed. In recent years there has been a steadily increasing trend. Our office undertakes the clarification of cases of infidelity.

How do you discover marital disloyalty?

There are many methods by which a person can discover infidelity. As an illustration, here are some of the steps that people commonly take to uncover marital infidelity.

  • Physical monitoring of a person. This ensures direct contact with the target, as well as having photographic and video footage of anything interesting and noteworthy.
    Gps tracker surveillance. This will give us live access to the location of the car or motorcycle, thereby understanding whether it is really where the husband – wife has indicated that it will be or whether she has given us false information.
  • Mobile monitoring with our company’s program. (see details here)
  • Hidden audio recorders, very small in volume, which are placed in hidden places indoors or in the car. The purpose is to listen to the location of the person concerned and the telephone conversations he/she is having.
  • Micro-cameras. They are placed internally on objects in order to monitor the movements of the person in question during our absence from home, office, etc.

Causes of marital disloyalty in men

  • Insecurity and confirmation :
    He may feel that he is too old, not good looking enough, not smart enough, etc. A large number of men’s infidelity is linked, at least in part, to the midlife crisis. To support his ego, he seeks validation from other women by showing interest in them. By responding to courtship he feels that he is desirable and worthy.
  • Ego:
    In this case it is likely that his primary concern is his self. Therefore, he can lie and keep secrets without remorse or regret as long as it gets him what he wants. It is likely that he never intended to be monogamous. He sees monogamy as a sacrifice he made for his relationship. Soon in these cases he sees monogamy as something to be avoided and bypassed.
  • Masculinity:
    Many men do not fully understand that their actions will inevitably have negative consequences, such as hurting their partner or breaking up their marriage. Some view commitment to monogamy as a choice to take and share one option and not the other, depending on the circumstances. A reunion with old friends starting with a drink, a new acquaintance is enough to put many men who lack maturity of thought into the dilemma of committing infidelity. He may have never even considered cheating until suddenly an opportunity presented itself. Then, without even thinking about what infidelity could cause in his relationship, he did it.
  • Childhood abuse:
    Neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse or even sexual abuse. In similar cases, the wounds have created attachment and intimacy issues that make him unable or unwilling to commit to a person.
  • Revenge:
    He may cheat to get revenge. He is angry with his partner and wants to hurt her. In these cases of infidelity, he intends to be noticed and known. The man does not bother to lie or keep secrets about marital infidelity because he wants his partner to know.
  • Alcohol and drugs:
    Alcohol and drug use affect his decision making, causing him to regret his sexual decisions and infidelity.

Reasons for marital disloyalty of women

  • Dissatisfaction with the relationship:
    This can be considered one of the main reasons for infidelity. The view that our partner is no longer interested in us. Not finding satisfaction in a current relationship may cause someone to seek that satisfaction elsewhere or even use the act of infidelity (either consciously or unconsciously) as a means to end the relationship.
  • Low self-esteem:
    When a woman has low self-esteem, it can push her to seek outside sources for the attention and validation that her partner is unable to give her. Often this phenomenon begins with internal questions such as “Why would anyone find me attractive?” Then, when one begins to show the necessary attention to the woman’s face, she feels beautiful and special.
  • Anger or punishment – revenge
    Many women enter a relationship with an idealized image of what their partner should be like. But when he falls short of expectations and cannot meet every need and desire of the woman, it can create a chasm in the relationship that creates an impetus to walk away.
  • Loneliness
    A woman who cheats may have a partner who works long hours, leaving her at home all day with the children or alone. Loneliness or feelings of isolation and withdrawal can lead to infidelity. They get lonely and someone else starts to fill their unmet needs for companionship.
  • Midlife crisis
    Midlife crises and change in appearance generally affect people between the ages of 35 and 60. Major life events, such as the death of a parent or a birth milestone, can trigger a midlife crisis in a woman.
  • Depression
    Depression and infidelity go hand in hand. An illicit affair is exciting, so much so that the brain can start pumping out dopamine and serotonin, they are the same chemicals produced when we take antidepressants he says. In other words, a woman who cheats can heal herself through her infidelity, even if she doesn’t realize the real reason behind her pleasure.
  • Alcohol and drugs:
    Alcohol and drug use affect her decision making, causing her to regret her sexual decisions and infidelity.

Often in cases involving marital infidelity, the assistance and advice of an experienced lawyer is necessary for the smooth outcome of the case.

The detective agency of Nikos Pelekasis and Associates is able to answer any of your questions by unraveling the case you are concerned about. Every personal investigation is conducted with absolute discretion and confidentiality, safeguarding your personal information as well as its outcome.
Our more than 30 years of experience in the field of private and corporate investigations have made us one of the most recognized private investigation firms in Athens.

Our many years of activity in the field of private investigation has resulted in the acquisition of extremely significant experience and offers us recognition from our clients as well as respect from our colleagues and absolute trust from our partners.

Our firm is active in both professional and personal cases, with corresponding success in each case. Many have seen the light of day in newspapers and on television (category publications in the press). In the 30 years of operation of the office, 3 branches of our office have been established in Athens and the province. This gives us the opportunity to operate nationwide. Detective Pelekasis Nikos has served in the Greek Police and the Secret Services of Greece. Our office specializes in electronic tracking systems, counter-surveillance, electronic security and surveillance systems, such as microcameras, gps, audio recorders and others.

Nikos Pelekasis Private Investigations Bureau is licensed by the Ministry of Citizen Protection. We work to protect the interests of citizens. You can contact us for any of your personal cases. We undertake private investigations such as: premarital investigations , extramarital investigations, child custody, theft, fraud. In addition we undertake data recovery from devices, online checks for fake-fake facebook profiles, threats, internet scams and extortion. A large percentage hide behind a computer to take out their aggression, immorality , adventurism and reap either mental or financial benefits.