Children and adoption

Children and adoption. by Detective Pelekasis Nikos.

Adoption involves children who have lost their parents or who for some reason have been abandoned, born to be traded or taken from unsuitable parents.

Children and adoption : The process through institutions is lengthy because prospective adoptive parents must meet social, economic, psychological and emotional conditions to be considered suitable parents.

We all wonder whether the criteria should be so strict that such a process should take up to 5 years.

For these reasons, prospective parents are turning to private adoption, which is provided for by law, as long as there is no financial transaction.

I would like to mention two facts:

A minor visited me saying: “I don’t know where to turn, I don’t know what to do. Some time ago my father died and my mother revealed to me that I was adopted. After my father’s death, her attitude changed. She is aggressive and tries to force me to leave the house. When her sister came to the house, I overheard them talking. “Kick her out of the house – tomorrow she will take our property!”

At the same time I was visited by a couple who asked me to investigate their child’s delinquent behaviour because, as they explained, he was reactive, disobedient, smoked and was generally a bad child!!!

After 20 days of research, I found that she was an excellent student, with the habits of young children: cafeteria, parks, hanging out with classmates.

When I informed them about the result of the investigation, they tried to convince me that all this was “delinquent” and to translate what I was saying into bad habits. That’s when I realized they were tired of parenting.

In both cases the adoptions were legal but between private individuals.

I appreciate that there are other cases of children experiencing such behaviours that we are not aware of. Until I faced the facts, and I agreed with what I was seeing and hearing, that the adoption process is a Calvary and a Marathon.

Finally, in my opinion, adoptive parents need to know that adoption brings many joys and frustrations, that children are not always infants, but teenagers and adults who will steal their time, speak their minds and sometimes confront them, test their strengths, walk with them and share every spiritual and material good.

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