Greece you can

Women's Day

Greece you can

An interview of the detective Pelekasi Nikos in the newspaper “Pontiaki Gnomi”.

The political forces of the country failed to form a government and we are going to new elections.What did they not tell us?What did we not understand?What will they tell us that will change the election result?
Instability, insecurity, fear in the market and the citizens.The foreign media are scaremongering against Greece.

Some are predicting turmoil-explosions without taking into account that this will also affect other states.The lenders are making strict recommendations.They say they can do without us.The neighbours are provoking in the usual way and they were surprised by getting their message.

Headless now Greeks waiting for the future political developments we resist any kind of challenge and further impoverishment.We are resisting our pride,our philotimo,our patriotism.
We stubbornly refuse, we do not commit suicide, nor do we let our country, the state apparatus, local government and businesses collapse.

We stand by each other in every way.We are not happy about anything. We inherited some things from fighters and won others through struggle. We do not spare anyone. We are accountable to the generation to come.

Pelekasis Nikos

Published in the journal pontiaki gnomi .
May 2012
Greece you can. An interview of detective Plekasi Nikos Pelekasi to the newspaper “Pontiaki Gnomi”.