Profession Detective

Profession Detective. An interview of detective Pelekasi Nikos in the magazine

How does one become a detective? Is there a school?

There’s no school, they work around ex-cops who keep offices, get trained and then open their own offices.

-Do you need a license?

Yes, from the Ministry of Civil Protection which is renewable and can be revoked in case of violation.

-What is your role and activity?

We work to protect the interests of citizens. On several occasions, however, we have been entrusted with public sector cases.

-Why should someone come to you when they can refer the case to the police?

Because many cases are not the responsibility of the police. The police, even if they have the competence, cannot deal with each case individually, they see them as a whole.

-What is the largest percentage of cases, professional or private ?

I can’t tell you the percentage because business cases have a longer time frame while personal-family cases have a shorter time frame.

-What do clients ask for in personal and what in professional?

In business they ask for information about competitors, products, executives ,staff, reliability of partners-transactions ,information leakage ,theft of goods etc. While in private premarital investigations, extramarital investigations, juvenile surveillance, theft, fraud, Internet fraud, etc.

-When you say Internet surveillance, what do you mean? -What do you mean?

Facebook virtual fake profiles, threats, internet scams, extortion. Several times I have mentioned Facebook and social media in general. They are good but for those who make benevolent and limited use. A large percentage hide behind a computer to take out their aggression ,immorality ,adventurism and reap either mental or financial benefits. I confess that I too often draw some information from social media.

-What is the role of technology in your profession?

For someone who has the experience but cannot keep up with technology, it is impossible to get positive results in a survey. Because times have changed and information is no longer carried by pigeons ,smoke signals or messengers.

-Is there any cooperation with the police?

There is cooperation with the police and I would say quite good.

-Is the profession of detective dangerous?

It is quite difficult and several times we are exposed to danger ,experience is essential because a mistake can bring opposite results and nullify the investigation.

-How many years have you been in the profession?

First of all, I must confess that I come from the police, I served in the NSA and other secret services. I have been retired since 2000. I now have a national licence from the Ministry of Civil Protection and work as a private investigator.



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