Theft of jewellery

ΕΥΠ Τούρκοι Εμπρηστές

Theft of Jewelry : Even the experienced FBI hounds would be jealous of the solving of the theft of the diamond jewelry of a wealthy Istanbul woman

which was achieved thanks to the ingenious talent of a former NSA agent and the first specialized Greek DNA analysis and identification laboratory. The incredible story brought to light today by “Espresso” could well be the scenario for another novel by Agatha Christie as, as the protagonists note, “sometimes life itself far surpasses imagination”. According to former NSA agent and private investigator Nikolaos Pelekasis, “it all started about two months ago, when I went to a house in Kolonaki and met a beautiful aristocrat, aged 75, who lived alone”.

Continuing his narrative, Mr. Pelekasis tells us that the aristocratic lady told him:

“My parents of myself and my husband were from Constantinople, they came here, made a large fortune and my husband and I made a larger fortune. However, we did not have children. My husband died and it is the wish of both of us that when we pass away, our huge fortune should go to our relatives. This is what I intend to do, so I invited my husband’s relatives on Sunday afternoon and my own relatives in the afternoon. Late in the evening and after they had all left, I saw the drawer of the old furniture a little open. I noticed that my jewelry was missing from inside. How can you help me find the thief without exposing the others, because the issue for me is moral and not financial.”

Theft of jewellery – Hi-tech instant action bloodhound.

Published in the newspaper espresso by Detective Pelekasis Nikos