Facebook and Burglars

Facebook and Burglars

Facebook and Burglars.
An interview of detective Pelekasis Nikos in the newspaper “Democracy”.

All set for the holidays. But the house? At the mercy of burglars? There are simple things we can do to make it more difficult or even prevent a potential break-in. After turning off from the general switch those utilities that are not necessary – because the worst thing a burglary can do is cause a fire – we create the impression that someone is in the house by placing timers that turn on and alternate from room to room at random times.

We raise the awnings and divert the landline to our cell phones.

It’s also a good idea to have someone pick up our flyers and mail. We even place an LED, small light bulb, in the eye of the door, which flashes and gives a sense of alarm. Both this and all of the above have a very small purchase cost.

But because burglars are persistent, they always find a way to be informed of our absence, not only by the ringing of the doorbell and the door. A great and reliable source of information for them is social media. With 4,990 friends, who can say that all their friends’ profiles are real and that there are no virtual ones among them?

Our electronic friends are watching and reading us.

Facebook and Burglars

I have personally seen on social media several ladies launching their gold-wearing acquisitions and explaining what each one is.

Others, again, showcase cars, motorcycles and photos of their place. Many respond to invitations, There are still dozens of other reliable information such as etc.

On the way back, the house is empty and the victim wonders why.

Protecting our property is our responsibility, so we must take the necessary preventive measures. There are companies, which are organized with signal receiving centers, provide alarms with a subscription and inform us of any movement inside and outside the surrounding area of our home. In case of a burglary, they always inform the police to intervene. However, when we choose a company, we should check if they are licensed by the relevant police authority.

Have a nice holiday…
Facebook and Burglars

Nikolaos Pelekasis was trained in Greece and abroad in group and individual security and served in intelligence agencies.

Sheet No 172
9 July 2011
Nikolaos Pelekasis